Photo by Daniel Kirsch

I think the attendant forgot about me. I pound on the door with my fists.

“Hey! I’m stuck!”

No answer. Fuck. I slide to the bathroom floor and hit my head against the door a few times. The floor is covered in mold and stains that tell me this is…

Lonely Portrait by Kino McFarland

Have you ever been truly alone?
The emptiness inside you is louder than the world.
Nothing grabs at you to swallow you whole.
You want to rip out your intestines
And gouge out your bones.
Someone could hold your hand,
But you know you’re alone. …

Kino McFarland

MFA in Creative Writing. Sideshow performer for 14 years. Internationally screened and award-winning filmmaker. Retraining racehorses for lifelong adventures.

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